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On another note [Jan. 8th, 2005|04:45 pm]
I've decided to change my lj to another account that i have just opened.

I'm not sure who will want to be added to that friends list of mine, so i'll let you all decide that. If you'd like to be (for some odd reason because you already know what useless shit i post) then go ahead and comment, and i'll get back to you.


I'm not going to delete this journal because it holds some good memories for me.


Because some of you don't check your lj on a regular basis, i'm going to add a few of you automatically. If you don't want to be apart of my lj anymore, just reply and i'll take you off.
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Happy Christmas (to those who celebrate) to others, happy holidays. [Dec. 25th, 2004|12:47 am]
[Current Mood |pleasedwoot!]
[Current Music |Dogs Die in Hot Cars: "I love you cause i have to"]

What better way to begin off the birth of Jesus than lighting fireworks with enough power to set off car alarms for the entire block?

Merry Christmas indeed.

Well at the moment we're preparing a Secret Santa (the first i've ever done) and i'm thiking that it's going to be interesting. I have my little cousin Hannah as mine (she's three) and about anything shiny will make her happy. Tin foil anyone?

Must be going now. Take care and seasons greetings to all.


I spoke much too soon. As soon as i got off, i was presented with a red sweater and matching santa hat. Imagine fifteen people wearing the exact same thing posing for a number of pics. It was like something out of a Brady Bunch episode. It's really tripping me out.

Anyways, after this we played a game of poker (in which i lost most of my money) and now i'm here typing this to all of you. It's terribly late and i have to get up early tomorrow.
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La te tum te tum.... pushaw! [Dec. 13th, 2004|11:47 am]
[Current Mood |ditzyMau merm O_o]
[Current Music |Vanessa Carlton: White Houses]

White houses the rise of she-who-must-not-be-named and high jinks galore. Quick call Velma and the rest of the Mystery Machine. We've got a mystery on our hands!Collapse )

My what a long entry. Took a span of three days just to write. Stars, I’m tittering. I’ve never tittered once in my life. Isn’t life just grand? Oh look. My mother bought chocolate chip muffins. Muffins! Mmmmm…<3<3<3<3
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Yea, i got all nostalgic... [Nov. 28th, 2004|11:47 am]
Moving to a condo till the house is renovated.

That doesn’t really bother me, the thing that does is the fact that this particular condo is on the 12th floor. @_@ That means I have to climb 12 flights of stairs… -_-

Elevators? Of course, but I don’t use them if they can be avoided. Elevators and I don’t mix.

So I’m getting my lisecence. That’s perfectly fine with me because I believe all I have to do is show my American one and they’ll issue me one here…
… after I take a drug test? X_x Wtf?

Stars. I’m getting homesick now.

I need to get back to California. I never thought I’d say - or type - this, but I need to get back to Orange County. @_@ *shrugs*

I miss everyone and believe it or not I miss my crazy strict aunt that intimidated the hell out of everyone!
I miss Del Taco.
I miss working at Disneyland.
I miss dragging everyone to Disneyland/California Adventure with me.
I miss Costco.
I miss going out for boba with friends.
I miss playing chafeur to those who cant drive… *coughJenniferAmandacough* <3
I miss going to Saddleback/IVC
I miss dragging Alex with me to oil changes/smog checks because I’m too chicken shit to go on my own.
I miss Kyle’s “You’re in the wrong part of town” saying whenever someone would piss him off.
I miss crashing at Christine’s place.
I miss my cousin Chris arguing with me about stupid things like how presents need to be wrapped properly even if you know what’s inside.
I miss my pirate costume that I got to wear while working inside Pirates of the Caribbean.
I miss Albertacos and all other good quality Mexican food!
I miss popping over at Amanda’s house and watching really bad movies. *coughDungeonsandDragonscough*
I miss being able to go to cons and seeing people that I wouldn’t get to see otherwise. Eric! You’re in that list!
I miss Jennifer and her crazy dog that wanted to eat me!
I even miss your brother Jen and all his random sayings and stuff he would do.
I miss hanging out at Costco and eating my weight in free samples.
I miss just sitting around and talking about random things with everyone.
I miss Rachel and her crazy ways and how she was “all about it”
I miss Vimmy and April and how Rachel and I would drag them places like Santa Monica or LA just for the hell of it!
I miss seeing Crash (even though I haven’t for the longest time even when I was there. Sorry about that kiddo) and her army of dogs that would no doubt increase to take over the world!
I miss being able to go down to Dana Point in the evenings and run along the beach/scare my friends.
I miss my cousin Nicole and her strange logic about everything in the world.
I miss being able to take my happy little Nissan out for a spin and drive anywhere I would like to.
I miss going to the Spectrum with everyone and being dragged on a ferris wheel despite the fact I’d cry and scream for my dear life.
I miss the wide open freeways and the sane driving!
I miss heading down to my old Elementary school (George White) to go swing on the swings with Chris or some random thing
I miss going to the Laundromat/Grocery store with Chris and pushing each other around in carts despite the fact that we’re far too old for that stuff!

It had to be done fore it was LONG overdue!
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(no subject) [Nov. 3rd, 2004|09:42 pm]

I'm here in the Philippines and i dragged my sorry ass out of bed on down to the Embassy to vote! It was quite interesting really. There was this one guy that was a huge Kerry fan that took a picture with me because i was the only one there under 30! WTF!?

What's wrong with our generation!? I really hope everyone that read this voted the other day! Because i refuse to go through another 4 years under Bush!

On another note, i'm going on a trip to Bicutan to visit family. I'm looking forward to it. Perhaps i'll buy a dagger. They supposedly have really pretty one's. ^_^
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lalalalala [Aug. 6th, 2004|10:03 pm]
[Current Music |Norah Jones: "Turn me on"]

So tomorrow is my uncle's b-day. Just going to have a simple BBQ out back with family.

Hmm, my cuz is taking his entrance exams tomorrow morning. As soon as he is done i shall poke and prod him to tell me what to expect. Imagine studying the wrong material. X_x

My cell phone is fixed (and i have been texting some of you) and working perfectly.

On a more serious note:

This is a third world country. Comparing it to where i used to live is just such a dramatic change. Along the highways and railroads there are "squatters" (basically people who build their homes out of scrap metal and other items) in masses. Children play along the tracks and when trains come by... (well, many have become accustomed to getting out of the way, while others have died and/or lost limbs)

The majority of the population is poverty stricken and it's not uncommon to see very poor people going through the trash searching for something to eat.

At many privlaged private schools they do programs where they send these rich children to have lunch with a poor family once a week so that they may know what's it's like on the other side. My younger cousin was telling me of his recent visit with a family that didn't have plates so they ate on banana leaves.

At times, girls (some as young as 12-14) will line up on the streets or acutally go to prominent buiseness offices to sell their bodies so they can help feed their family and pay for school.

At this moment, i feel very blessed for everything i have and i'm glad that i've moved here. It's really made me appreciate everything in my life.

*sigh* Sorry about the depressing moment, just wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. Take care and good night.
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2004|08:07 pm]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |The Corrs: "Angel"]

I really <3 Meteor Garden/F4:

Meteor Garden

Ha! Got a shirt the other day that says Super Dou! It is much <3

Anyways, the internet thing got crazy. Couldn't go on because of card difficulties and all that blargity. So that sort of pissed me off for a bit.

Ack! Physical therapy for my father tomorrow and then we're going to a bake shop to visit my aunt. She just opened it and it's major kick ass! Hell yes baby! Free mammon!

*sigh* I've gotta go now. Had to do the walking to a comp thing to get this up. Take care everyone!
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Ello' [Oct. 22nd, 2003|03:29 pm]
This journal is a friends only kind of deal.

If you want to see it (and only God knows why you would want to put yoruself through all of my randomness) then leave a comment stating why.

Take care and bye
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